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Weekly Market Update 5/23/22 Thumbnail

Weekly Market Update 5/23/22

Equities tried to make some progress early in the week, but finished the week lower. The Dow was down 2.48% last week, while the S&P 500 lost 2.55%, the Nasdaq was down by 1.88%, while the Russell 2000 lost…

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Weekly Market Update 5/16/22 Thumbnail

Weekly Market Update 5/16/22

Another wild week for equities as investors are at a capitulation moment with the Federal Reserve. The Dow was down 1.89% last week, while the S&P 500 lost 2.05%, the Nasdaq was down by 3.17%...

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What is Cryptocurrency? Thumbnail

What is Cryptocurrency?

The terms “Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP, NFTs, and Doge” are being used a lot lately. These are, of course, all examples of “cryptocurrency” (or “crypto” as it’s casually known). You’ve, no doubt, been asked by multiple clients what the heck “a crypto” is; some wondering if they should dip their toe and others wanting nothing to do with it. Either way, we believe it’s still important to have a basic understanding of what crypto...

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